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Valentine Sampler
Valentine Sampler

Valentine Sampler

Valentine Sampler 

This sampler will come with a variety of shapes and sizes. Chunky Hearts, Cups, Clamshells, and even a Layered Heart. You will get approx 8 ounces of goodies. The Scents are: 

XOXO: Super sweet bubblegum with a sugary frosted overpour.

KISS ME: Juicy tangerines and hard candy frosting, drizzled over a piece of strawberry shortcake. 

ALL MINE: Strawberry Apple Cake

TRUE LOVE: Berries, amber and white floral notes dance around fruit notes, cherry blossoms and touch of musk.

HUGS: Cherry Chip Cake Sugar Cookies

SWEETHEART: Creamy salt water taffy blended with a sugary sweet tart candy.

Turn around time is 7-10 days.

You can order up to 5 Samplers (or other goodies) for the flat rate of $8 ship. If your total order is over $50, Free shipping kicks in !