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Zucchini Sampler #2

Zucchini Sampler #2

You will get 12 different Zucchini blends, Sampler weighs approx 14-15oz each. It will have a fun mix of Scent Shots and Chunky


Here are the Scents for #2 Sampler: 

Cherry Chip Cake ZB

Burnt Sugared Zucchini Bread Iced Carrot Cake 

Lemon Lime Time ZB

Pistachio Pudding Marshmallow ZB

Caramel Cookie ZB

Wildberry Mousse Cotton Candy Frosting ZB

Caramel Coffee Sugar Milk ZB

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie ZB

Frankenberry Capn Crunch ZB

Pecan Waffle Pie Crust ZB

Blueberry Zucchini Crunch

Mac Apple ZB


**This is a pre-buy, please allow approx 2 weeks, i will post in the Up the Creek Scents Facebook group with any changes**


There is also a Sampler #1 available, if you want BOTH samplers, there is a seperate item for that, with $2 off !



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