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The Ranch Sampler

The Ranch is a popular show on Netflix, and well, whats not to love ! This sampler is inspired from the show :)

You will get 7 Waffle Shapes (approx 23-24oz) in the following Ranch Characters: 

Beau: The heart of the Bennett Family. He loves coffee, but not from a facy Kuerig :) He is tough but deep down he is sweet, just like his coffee :) 

Rooster: Hard working and caring brother to Colt, he loves woman and drinking equally. This is a scent of all things rooster, being outside yet smelling like a hard working man.

Colt: Funny, light hearted, and loves Football. He also LOVES his skin care regimen and hair products ! This is a clean scent of shampoo, lotion and eye rolls from his Dad. 

Abby: High school sweetheart of Colt. She is sweet and sassy, just like this scent of sweet candy, and a little bit of pizzaz !

Maggie: Mama of Colt and Rooster, she has her hands full, and full of her Bar too. She serves up great drinks, this scent is full of fizz, fruits, and sweet tea notes.

Joanne: Beau's gal pal who is just what he needed after his divorce. She loved her job at Cracker Barrel, coming home smelling like baking cornbread and delicious goods.

HANK: Who could forget HANK ! He knows everything because he sits at Maggies all day long. Sweet Hank smells like BEER ! 


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