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Smelly Sand is the texture of soft wet beach sand along the shoreline... It is a Soy Based wax that you simply scoop into your warmer, and enjoy ! Long lasting scent !

Comes in 6.5 oz size, in a secure twist lid jar.

Choose up to 2 scents per container.

Made fresh to order, so please let this cure about 2 weeks for best results :)

 ~Turn Around Time is approx 2-3 weeks, usually less, but just in case :) ~



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Highly Recommend !
By Sarah Smith Thursday, September 6, 2018
Cure these for about 2 weeks and you are good go go ! So strong ! Thank you ! Keep up the great smells !
By Linda P Thursday, September 6, 2018
I love to scoop from multiple jars and mix my own scents, or melt one at a time. So fun ! This is the best !