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The Great Outdoors Sampler

The Great Outdoors Sampler

Inspired by the movie: The Great Outdoors !

If you love Fall but dont want the Food type scents, this is for you ! 

You will get 6 1oz Cups of the following scents:

~UNCLE ROMAN: Sassy and Sharp ! Crisy leaves on a Fall Day

~CHET: An all around loveable guy ! This well rounded scent is a blend of outdoor air, trees, and leaves.

~Old 96'r: That famous Steak Scene ! This big robust scent will last ! Bergamont, Cedar and Pine Needles

~Bald Bear: Not once but TWICE this bear was shot ! This scent is a smokey outdoors scent that will remind you of an outdoor bonfire ! 

~Speedboat: Go Faster Go Faster ! This scent is a blend of clean waters, a sprinkle of snow, and a mix of greens.

Lightning Rod Reg: Sixty Six Times ! This one is a zippy scent ... bubbly, fun, fruity with a zip of outdoor mystery ! 

This will be open for a limited time. Turn around time will be about a week from order.

Chunky 4 Pack

Chunky 4 Pack

Smaller then the original "Bag-O-Chunks" .. great for trying new blends !

You will get 4 Chunks.... approx between 3 and 3.5 ounces per bag.

Halloween Shapes

Halloween Shapes

Cute Halloween Shapes !

You will get two random Halloween shapes. 

approx 3.5 oz